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Treat Your Child's Ear Infections with the Thayer Chiropractic Method

Written By So Cal Chiropractic on March 5, 2021

rsz pediatricchiropracticAs a loving parent, you hate to see your little one suffering from the painful symptoms of an ear infection. Kids with ear infections may be fussy and cry, experience hearing difficulties, have trouble sleeping, and tug and pull on their ears. In some cases, an ear infection may be coupled with balance problems, which persist even after the infection has cleared. Chiropractic for ear infections can help.

How Ear Infections Affect Your Child’s Balance & Mobility

Ear infections are more common in children than adults, with five out of six kids getting at least one ear infection before age three. Most kids get middle-ear infections. However, in some cases, the infection may spread to the inner ear.

This can result in labyrinthitis, an inflammation of the inner ear (the labyrinth). Inner-ear inflammation may also cause swelling in the vestibulocochlear nerve, the eighth cranial nerve, resulting in dizziness, vertigo (a spinning feeling), and loss of balance while walking.

These symptoms are especially tough for little ones who are still learning necessary motor skills and mobility. In some cases, the symptoms disappear in a week or two, but they can persist for months in others.

How Thayer Chiropractic for Ear Infections Can Help

The Thayer Chiropractic Method focuses on restoring balance in the skull and neck. It can prove useful in treating the aftermath of ear infections and related labyrinthitis symptoms like vertigo. The chiropractor manipulates joints in the upper neck that may be blocked, better positioning the bones in the cervical spine and skull to improve mobility.

Chiropractic for ear infections may also use the Epley Maneuver to realign the inner ear. The aim is to clear blockages in the vestibulocochlear apparatus—a part of the inner ear that serves as the body's balance center.

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