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The Connection Between Poor Sleep and Anxiety & Depression

Written By So Cal Chiropractic on June 21, 2021

poor sleepThere are critical functions that happen only when you’re in a state of deep, restorative sleep called REM sleep. Studies in both adults and children suggest that sleep problems are strongly linked to the development of some psychiatric disorders. So you may need proper treatment for your sleep disorder to alleviate anxiety and depression.

Over 70 sleep disorders exist. Lack of sleep can be caused by subconscious pain, which is caused by imbalance. If you tackle the root of your sleep struggles, you can find relief for anxiety and depression.

The Thayer Method and How It Helps Anxiety & Depression

Dr. Ace Thayer of So Cal Chiropractic in Costa Mesa has been treating sleep-deprived, emotionally burnt patients for over 25 years with his tried-and-true method called the Thayer Method. His practice focuses on balancing the body from specific neck adjustments that produce amazing results.

The Thayer Method helps relieve stress by easing tension, relaxing muscles, and allowing nerves to signal to each other and function properly. Dr. Thayer will delve into your full medical history, often uncovering connections between seemingly unrelated health issues, and treating your anxiety and depression as a whole. Once your body is functioning better, you’ll be sleeping and feeling better.

Get World-Renowned Chiropractic Care in Southern California

Patients that have had their anxiety & depression radically reversed using the Thayer Method. Dr. Ace Thayer documented these cases to show how properly performed chiropractic neck adjustments can give their lives back to those with anxiety and depression. 

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