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So Cal Chiropractic | Meet Doctor Ace Thayer

Dr. Ace Thayer, Chiropractor

Southern California Chiropractor Dr Ace Thayer has been treating patients for over 25 years. He has a hugely successful chiropractic practice in Costa Mesa, California. His practice focuses on Balancing the body from specific Neck Adjustments that produce amazing miracle changes. Dr. Ace Thayer treats patients from every point on the planet and can show verified documented proof in his unedited videos he produces for YouTube. He is second to none on YouTube. He is YOUR YOUTUBE CHIROPRACTOR helping change peoples lives by giving them their fun and passion back. I hope you enjoy this website and if you want to see Dr. Ace Thayer on YouTube check out his Chiropractic YouTube Channel at So Cal Chiropractic. Cheers.

So Cal Chiropractic | Meet Our Amazing Team


I am a mother of 4 beautiful blessings and a wife to an amazing husband. I have been with Dr. Thayer for about a year and I just can not get enough! I enjoy the relationships I have gained with Dr. Thayer and the patients here! The biggest enjoyment I get from my job, is watching first hand Dr. Thayer change lives!